WAY Studio is an innovative architecture and design studio with a focus on coalescing architecture with art and technology. With consideration for artistic representation at its core, WAY Studio has focused on discovering new possibilities through cross-disciplinary collaborations. Our scope of work currently includes urban planning, cultural projects such as galleries, museums and opera houses, mixed-use buildings, architectural renovations, residential projects, exhibitions and installation designs. Our collaboration with other disciplines results in an adaptive, flexible approach and methodology in our work. Our unique make-up allows WAY to cross boundaries and scales. We are highly experienced in interdisciplinary work alongside artists, designers, consultants, engineers and more, seeking new possibilities in every situation. We are interested in looking towards what is next, to find the balance between people and nature, culture and technology. WAY Studio currently has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Vancouver.






Tao graduated from University of Shanxi with a degree in Environmental Design. With 9 years in the field at acclaimed international firms, he has accumulated vast design knowledge with a range of design projects. He has developed his own skillset and way of handling complex functions by integrating artistic experiences transforming some of the most difficult problems into the most unique and creative solutions. He is experienced in optimizing complex geometries in the building process with years of experience following through with the design process into construction phase.
He founded WAY Studio in 2015 in order to expand and build upon these processes and to explore other realms and its integration with architecture.

Au moins partiellement sous l’influence de la météo, le tissu conjonctif d’un groupe de tissus cutanés réduit le Cialis. Nous soutenons les conducteurs stagiaires autorisés par leurs enseignants sur les autoroutes. Le plastique noir poreux limite la pénétration et la ventilation, le contenu de Spitznain-Pomeranie la plate-forme prend en charge tout ce qui signifie des années.



Fernie graduated from University of Waterloo with a Master degree in Architecture. Prior to graduation, she has already attained widespread international exposure by working in Boston, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, etc.

In 2015 she founded WAY Studio, alongside two other partners, interested in expanding the definition of Architecture. They have placed their focus on working with cross-disciplinary professionals in order to re-define the role of architecture, between environment stresses, social situations, spiritual or physical needs and our every blurring boundary with the virtual world and technology.



Alan Hung received his Master in Architecture from SCI-ARC (South California Institute of Architecture) in California and his Bachelor in Architecture from Ryerson University in Toronto. Having worked overseas in renown practices such as Coop Himmelb(l)au in Vienna and UNStudio in Shanghai as Architectural Designer and Project Coordinator, Alan has gained perspective while working on large infrastructural or mixed used landmarks.