Christmas Tree | Beijing

Location: Beijing

Type: Installation

Time: 2015

Building Height: 6m

Team: Tao Zheng, Fernie Lai,Alan hung Jilin Chen,Yin Liu, JoynViscom

280 facets sparkle tirelessly, day and night, in anticipation of Christmas 2015.
“The Tree” installation is located at the southwest corner of China World Summit. The tree itself is six meters high and four meters in diameter, yet against its towering neighbors, it is reduced to a small sparkle. Nighttime, the edges of the tree glows in a myriad of color via LED lighting embedded within 280 pieces of coated acrylic, the glow effect greatly enhanced on those highly polluted nights; Daytime, the same 280 surfaces is coated with iridescent film that allows it to diffract the sunlight into a range of colorful rays that changes from your perspective as you move around the installation. 280 surfaces were carefully arranged into formation in order to shift light and overlap colors in different ways as one move around the installation, giving each passerby an individual illusion, an individual Christmas greeting.