Cloud Mountain Resort | CN

Location: Henan, China

Type: Hotel, Club house, Villa

Time: 2013

Team: Tao Zheng, Fernie Lai, Dan Luo,Weiqi Yan

Cloud Mountain Resort is located at the foot of cloud Mountain Zhumadian, Henan Province, The
building according to the terrain, due to the trend of the river built. Clubhouse gradually integrated into
the mountains, the river flows through the courtyard, natural river progressively down to form artificial
waterfall during the wet period, ultimately participate to the natural river basin, the seasons change
brings entirely different holiday experience you ever feel for guests; from the clubhouse to the hotel, and
then to the villa living area, the various functional areas are linked up by embankments, in the fork of
mountain location, the layout follow the views of three directions; small size villa, in order to maximize
the use of land, "sharing" the public space for neighbor villa, each villa has its own independent garden
in the limited area.