Dreaming Someone | Beijing

Location: Beijing

Type: Architecture & Interior Design, Restaurant

Time: 2018 Completion

Building Area: 600 sqm

Building Height: 9 m

Team: Zheng Tao, Fernie Lai, Alan Hung, Wang Tao, Melody Hwang, ZengHao, Mark Wang, Yan WeiQi, Eagle Yin, Li XuDong, Li JiaXin, Huang ZanNing, Li YuZe, Yu Sida, Fan Wei, Cao Jing

Architecture, through the manipulation of Space, is the real-life magic for creating a reality that only previously existed in the imagination. This is the vision WAY Studio had when designing recently completed project “Aye by Meeting Someone” restaurant in Beijing --- to bring dreams into actuality, to design a spatial performance, and to provide a transient surreal experience to all who dare enter.
The objective is to break through independent realities, to create a fantastical place - a Wonderland if you will. As the directors of space create a theatrical experience, the guests become the actors, their alternate selves. Our goal is to break through objective restrictions and turn them into subjective expression, or perchance to provide merely a trigger for the transformation. The building is composed of two dualities -- inside and outside, where reality is separated from illusion; and up and down, where one travels to odes of the past or the mysteries of the future. For each individual visitor, it reflects and breaks through to their deepest desires.