DWJ Clubhouse

Location: Beijing

Type: Clubhouse

Time: 2011

Building Area: 6,640 sqm

Building Height: 15.9 m

Floor Area Ratio: 0.5

Team: Tao Zheng

DWJ Clubhouse is inspired by the Chinese Knot.
Design elements are inspired by the essence of China and combines technology and modern aesthetics. Between the traditional sensitivity and modern necessity, the DWJ clubhouse design breaks away from pure functional consideration, and places consideration on the experience of the space and the needs of the user. Using the complex weave of the Chinese knot, the space within the Clubhouse is also designed as woven space, in order to control separation between private and public, and thus creating exclusivity, taste, while satisfying also the safety concerns of its users.
Chinese knot began in antiquity, flourished during Tang and Song dynasty, and reached its peak in Ming and Qing dynasties. The Chinese knot places emphasis in rotational symmetry as well is in the moment of the weave, it is the same front and back and it connects the end back to the beginning. Its charm is in "knot as expression; knot as proverb " the weave itself is a prayer for fortune, as "there is always meaning in imagery; there are always good intentions in prayer."