WAY-out-of-the-box | Shanghai

busting with "warmth"

Location: Rockbund, Shanghai

Type: Window Installation

Program: Window Installation

Scope: All Design phases & Construction Advisory

Time: 2019 (Built)

Building Area: 48.3 sqm.

Building Height: 3.3 m+

Team: Zheng Tao, Fernie Lai, Alan Hung, Li XuDong, He JingYang

Collaborator: Lighting Design: J Studio

Collaborator: Brands Exhibited: moody, Polaroid Originals, Tims Coffee House

Collaborator: Contractor: Shanghai He Cheng Contracting Ltd.

Collaborator: Supplier: High Density Foam - HAHA Sculpture Team ; Yarn: ZZHome

Collaborator: Lighting Fixture Sponsor: Philips, S&M

Photographer: i-Joyer Photography

WAY-out-of-the-box (2019)
WAY Studio collaborates with moody once again this Christmas, this time, bringing surrealistic window installation crashing into the facade of Rockbund, Shanghai, enticing passers-by to immerse themselves within.
Gigantic out-of-scale yarn balls materializes from within the storefront windows out towards you, is this dream or reality? Reminiscent of Earth or Space? One ponders as you traverse this pathway.
Rockbund redevelopment is a quiet scenic stroll just off of the main bund area towards the Peninsula Hotel, Shanghai. Lyceum Building, where the window display is located, was built in 1927 and is a mix of Eclecticism and new Classical architecture. With Lyceum Theatre as its original function, its recent renovation is an important anchor in the recent Rockbund redevelopment, hosting MEM Art Space as an extension of Rockbund Art Museum and other various arts and photography events.
We wanted to break through traditional Christmas window displays where products are displayed each brand on their own, one-sided towards viewers. Instead, we treated the space behind these three windows as one, even beyond the frames of the materialistic reality, creating these floating balls of yarns, hollowed out to host each brand’s Christmas products, while others seem to break right out-of-the-box into the everyday street.
In collaboration with moody, displayed center, and their “sensational” XMAS box, which presents for all five senses, is world-renowned vintage photography brand, Polaroid, with their latest onestep+, as well as local Canadian coffee brand, Tims Coffe House.
WAY Studio wishes everyone out there happiness in the up coming holidays and festivities!
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